In A Sexless Marriage?

If your marriage is sexless, there is a way back to rekindling intimacy. It’s not easy, but it might not be as impossible as you think, either! We’ll help you understand some potential causes and then give you some direction to start point your marriage relationship back towards the wonder and joy of sex.

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Is My Marriage Beyond Recovery?

We know for some of you, this episode is going to be a tough one. We’re going to speak the truth in love because we’re committed to integrity, but at the same time we want to give you hope because this IS hope, and recovery of your marriage IS possible.


Why You’re Not Getting Enough Sex and What To Do About It

If you’re some creepy dude reading this to try to extract more pleasure from your wife – go away. This is not about exploitation.

But, if you’re a husband or wife who wants more physical intimacy, and you’re committed to the growth and overall health of your marriage, then you’re


10 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Time For Each Other in a Crazy Busy Marriage

Life is super busy.

We get that.

Rather than focussing on the hopelessness of the ‘busy’ problem, why not take the time you do have and make the most of it?

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How to Create More Intimacy in Your Marriage

If you really want to build more intimacy in your marriage – and who wouldn’t??? – here are four ways to do that. Take the time to hear, and digest this.


Codependency in Marriage: What It Is and What To Do About It

Codependency is a term that gets thrown around a lot. What’s a little freaky about it is that we all have a touch of this in our lives.

We’re not here to put people in buckets, but to help you make sense of the world around you. If codependency is part of your world, here is some great advice on how to shift to a healthier place in your marriage.


What To Do When Your Spouse Offends You

So, your spouse just blew it.


How can you move from the place of being offended – and maybe feeling like a victim – to feeling like you’ve moved the dial on your marriage in a positive direction?


3 Things To Talk About Every Day

Talking to each other seems like a pretty obvious topic, right? But, how many times have I asked Caleb, about a couple we’re working with, “Do they not talk???”

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How to Recover From Betrayal

Betrayal is such a ground-shaking event. Probably because it so deeply challenges your beliefs about someone incredibly significant in your life, and that, in turn, challenges your beliefs about yourself. So: what does the road forward, after betrayal, look like?

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Fight The Problem – Not Each Other!

Conflict can be such a painful, frustrating experience. Is it really possible to turn conflict into an opportunity to grow closer rather than it being a catalyst to push you further apart?

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