Overcoming Infidelity: 30 Days to Recovery

Has infidelity impacted your marriage? Do you feel like you need guidance through recovery and rebuilding your marriage?


Why You Can’t Trust Your Spouse

Do you ever wonder why you can’t trust your spouse? Especially when you think you should be able to?

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What to Talk About on Your Next Date

Even if you’re happily married you might find dates kind of awkward sometimes. What do you talk about? I know we struggle at times to have an easy flow of conversation, too.

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How to Appreciate Your Spouse

Maybe your spouse has complained to you that he or she just doesn’t feel appreciated. Well, let’s just take that at face value today and work on this whole appreciation thing. It can only help, right?

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Your Marriage Needs an Intimacy Checkup

Intimacy is one of the deepest needs of the human heart. We all crave it and we all enjoy it when we experience it in our marriages. Today, you need to pause and consider how you’re doing on the intimacy in your marriage.


So You Stayed Married Just for the Kids’ Sake, Now What?

What happens if your marriage really hasn’t been that great but you’ve been sticking it out for the kids, or for some other reason. Let’s say the reason you’ve been sticking it out is no longer relevant… Now what?

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I Want To Fix Our Marriage and He Doesn’t. Now What?

Here’s today’s question:

“Background: I grew up in an abusive home (my father is an addict and a bully, but my mother never reported his abuse to authorities or tried to explain that what he was doing was wrong- we just pretended that nothing had happened afterwards) and my husband grew up in a home with not much affection or healthy communication.

Marriage Questions & Answers

My Spouse is Flaunting Him/Herself on Social Media

A listener wrote in with the question:

“How do you set boundaries with social media? What’s acceptable to keep the marriage from the pressures of the world. For example: One spouse doesn’t like revealing pictures put out and the other is getting physically fit and feeling the need to parade?”

Marriage Questions & Answers

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Extreme Sex Drive and Infidelity From Testosterone Therapy?

This week, we have a question from one of our audience members who wanted clarity on her expectations around side effects of her husband’s testosterone therapy.

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“What experience do you have with testosterone therapy for men? I believe part of the cause of my husbands infidelity is due to to much testosterone pellets and an excessive need for sex. I do not excuse him for one minute for the devastation he caused. think If that is going to be an available treatment for a medical condition some kind of information and counseling should be required as to how you will feel.

We are 2-1/2 years past D day finding out of multiple hookups just for sex. We’d been married for 36 years!!! He is 59 and I am 57 right now. I credit my faith in keeping this altogether with out telling anyone or counselling. Not a great idea after the fact. He’s moved on from the infidelities and I still struggle at times.

Q2: I guess I’m trying to understand if testosterone can make you impulsive and have the need to have sex in abundance. I feel you should be in control if your self, but if you are on the high end of the testosterone scale 1200-1500 can it change you ? I do know hormones are powerful and make you feel all sorts of things.”

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After Infidelity, How Do I Trust My Husband Again?

This week, Caleb answers a very touching question from Betty*, one of our email subscribers. She asked,

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“I responded a few months ago, rather aggressively, may I add, to your husband’s question. And of course, he graciously responded with a question that pierced through my pain and frustration and found my heart. He asked,” Do you still want to be married?” I thought about it for weeks!! Please let him know that we found a local counselor, who is also our pastor, and have been progressing, to say the least. What you two do is so vital in a world that opposes marriage and commitment in general.Thank you! Thank you!
Anyways, to respond to your request, my question would be  … ” After infidelity strikes, how do you trust your husband again?” I know it takes time to learn how to trust again, but how do you truly grant yourself the space to be vulnerable in that way? Or … are you bruised for life? Sometimes I feel like I am a shell of who I once was; a child learning to be confident in herself and womanhood, it’s embarrassing. 
So glad, this is anonymous! lol . Even if this isn’t broadcasted I’d love your take on this.”

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*name changed for confidentiality reasons