When to Leave (or Stay In) an Abusive Marriage [3 of 3]

Today’s episode is twice the challenge: we’re dealing with the difficult subject of abuse in marriage but we’re also talking about when to leave a marriage too, which, under normal circumstances, is contrary to our personal values and our mission to help save marriages. So read carefully and thoughtfully as we navigate this very difficult topic.


Can Abusive Husbands Change? [2 of 3]

Will the abuse get better?

Or is it going to stay the same?

Abuse is deeply rooted in belief systems and so we want to talk about recovery rates and how to figure out if you might consider sticking things out or if there is no hope for your husband.


Is My Husband Abusive? [1 of 3]

Abuse is such a tough situation. We want to speak to all the brave wives out there who are putting on the mask every Sunday and acting like things are OK when every week you live through a cycle of walking on eggshells, explosions, the honeymoon stage and then starting all over again. But abuse isn’t always as obvious as physical threats or violence; there are lots of subtler— but equally damaging— forms abuse can take.


Stop Bottling Up Stuff In Your Marriage

I find it’s pretty easy to avoid conflict. I kind of stockpile the issues until it gets really big and then I feel like I’m ready to talk. But the irony is: that’s actually when I’m least ready to talk. As soon as I open my mouth I know it’s not going to go well. So if avoiding conflict and bottling everything up until I burst isn’t the answer, is there a better way of approaching conflict?


Emotional Intimacy is the Key to Great Sex

What do you do when you want to spice up your sex life? We usually start thinking about new positions, or lingerie, or maybe traveling to some exotic location with our spouse. Physical things. But what if the key to great sex was found in a completely different dimension?


Overcoming Infidelity: 30 Days to Recovery

Has infidelity impacted your marriage? Do you feel like you need guidance through recovery and rebuilding your marriage?


Why You Can’t Trust Your Spouse

Do you ever wonder why you can’t trust your spouse? Especially when you think you should be able to?

An old narrow hanging bridge

What to Talk About on Your Next Date

Even if you’re happily married you might find dates kind of awkward sometimes. What do you talk about? I know we struggle at times to have an easy flow of conversation, too.

Mature Couple Enjoying Meal At Outdoor Restaurant

How to Appreciate Your Spouse

Maybe your spouse has complained to you that he or she just doesn’t feel appreciated. Well, let’s just take that at face value today and work on this whole appreciation thing. It can only help, right?

Portrait of a mid adult couple smiling

Your Marriage Needs an Intimacy Checkup

Intimacy is one of the deepest needs of the human heart. We all crave it and we all enjoy it when we experience it in our marriages. Today, you need to pause and consider how you’re doing on the intimacy in your marriage.