30 DAY


Have you been betrayed by your spouse?

We're here to help you find the answers you've been looking for on your journing to healing.
Restore your trust, rebuild your intimacy, recover your hope.

What you get with our 2-Pack
His & Hers Devotionals

Created for couple recovering from the devastation of an affair, the Betrayal Recovery Devotional for Her and Him is designed to gently lead you through the process or recovering and rebuilding your marriage.

After 30 Days, you will have:

  • Found the root cause of why the affair happened
  • Processed the grief and trauma of the betrayal as a couple
  • Understood the practical steps on how to begin trusting again
  • Learned how to forgive and reconcile
  • Moved forward with affair-proofing your marriage


Caleb Simonyi-Gindele MAMFT

Registered Clinical Counselor​

Caleb is not just another advice columnist; he is a Registered Clinical Counselor (BCACC #4303) who specializes in helping marriages recover from the brink of destruction. Couples love Caleb's research-based, practical and Biblical approach to helping marriages. He co-hosts a top 50 podcast, The Marriage Podcast for Smart People, with his wife, Verlynda.

HER Devotional

Day 1: The Endless Search for Facts

Day 2: What You Need to Know

Day 3: What are You Feeling?

Day 4: What Do You Need?

Day 5: Links to Past Betrayal

Day 6: Grieving

Day 7: Can I Even Trust Myself?

Day 8: Can I Even Trust My Spouse?

Day 9: What You Can and Can't Control

Day 10: Trauma

Day 11: Is It Your Fault?

Day 12: Ownership Leads to Safety

Day 13: Controlling Him Won't Prevent Another Affair

Day 14: Looking into Your Marriage

Day 15: Collusion

Day 16: Why the Affair Happened

Day 17: Was it Really Just a Symptom?

Day 18: Sharing Responsibility

Day 19: Comparison and Competition

Day 20: Be Patient

Day 21: Do I Want to Reconcile?

Day 22: Softness

Day 23: Forgiveness Preparation

Day 24: Recall the Hurt

Day 25: Empathy for the Betrayer

Day 26: Gratitude for Divine Forgiveness

Day 27: Commit to Forgive

Day 28: When is Forgiveness Complete?

Day 29: Safety

Day 30: Renewed Love

HIS Devotional

Day 1: Transparency Leads to Intimacy

Day 2: Hiding Doesn't Help

Day 3: Acknowledging Her Feelings

Day 4: A Communications Exercise

Day 5: Filling in the Blanks

Day 6: Grieving

Day 7: Honesty with Yourself

Day 8: Honesty with Your Spouse

Day 9: Demonstrating Accountability

Day 10: Shame

Day 11: Affair Profiles

Day 12: Ownership Leads to Forgiveness

Day 13: An Affair is More Than Just an Affair

Day 14: Looking into Your Marriage

Day 15: Collusion

Day 16: Why the Affair Happened

Day 17: Was it Really Just a Symptom?

Day 18: Taking Responsibility

Day 19: Breaking Up Old Pathways

Day 20: There Are No Quick Fixes

Day 21: Hurdles to Reconciliation

Day 22: Softness

Day 23: Don't Return Blame for Blame

Day 24: Recall the Hurt

Day 25: Seeing Yourself Through Her Eyes

Day 26: Leaning on Divine Forgiveness

Day 27: Forgiveness is a Journey

Day 28: Extending the Olive Branch

Day 29: Resilience

Day 30: Renewed Love


What is a "Devotional"?

The phrases "doing devotions" or "having devotions" may sound foreign or weird. These phrases are simply ways people describe spending time reading God's word, the Bible, and reflecting on it with hopes of coming to a new understanding and having peace and clarity on those thoughts.

I'm already overwhelmed.
Do I have to do 30 days in a row?

Look, I totally get it. You have so much to sort through. Think of this as 30 steps you can take at your own pace. You can move to the next day when you're ready to do so. There are some days you'll just want to take a break - that's absolutely OK. This is not a recipe or formula, it's a guide for your journey.

Is There A Guarantee?

YES!... all of our products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for your marriage, then put your mind at ease.

Do I Get 2 Devotionals?

YES! You get a devotional for HIM and a devotional for HER. Both devotionals will be sent to you via priority email.

Do we have to do this together?

No. It is a great way if you can and we've designed some of the days so that there is an interactive component. But, even if you're working on this alone or separated by distance, it will help you to process and recover from the betrayal.

What if my spouse isn't sure s/he wants to stay in the marriage?

That's a tough one. I would suggest you ask them to commit to going through the 30 days with you before making a decision. At least if they have made a truly sincere effort they could then leave with a better conscience. I know that's a scary suggestion to make, but you may find it's a better place to be than to be uncertain and really going nowhere with the recovery process. It's you call, though.


"These devotionals helped me through the very raw, real recovery journey. Caleb is one of the best and his process has helped me become whole again and to follow Christ more closely." KY