The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Cruise:


A Rich Blessing

Bob & Becky Macleod

We’re always looking to grow as a couple and improve our communication and saw this cruise and seminar as an opportunity to enrich our relationship. Caleb showed solid knowledge and understanding of behaviors and patterns in marriages, as well as scriptural examples and guidelines. We worked on communication strategies, mapped out goals and took home tools to help us deal with specific challenges. I found my husband to be quite willing to discuss these things in depth throughout the week. We were specially reminded to keep our energy focused where it needs to be; it is too easy to get caught up in a hectic life and get lazy in some areas of our relationship. The cruise was great but the time spent with friends, both old and new, was even better! We would highly recommend the Marriage Cruise to couples in any stage of marriage.


Incredible Cruise!

Ron & Nancy Vinsant

I am a fan of Caleb & Verlynda's Marriage Podcast for Smart People: my husband Ron is the typical man who resisted marriage counseling. We were empty nesters traveling a divergent path. The cruise gave us hours for conversation, the classes were succinct and provided us many ideas that have brought us back to an appreciation for this life we made together. We look at each other more, at our phones less. We smile and touch and talk more. Caleb and Verlynda are truly gifted. The cruise was the perfect venue for this workshop.


Exceptional Week!

DJ & Dawn DeFreece

The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples was a very special week bringing the relationship between my wife and I to a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. Our lives were devoted to raising our children and now that they are launched, it seemed like our purpose for all these 20 plus years had come to an end. This week has helped us to set goals and look forward to the next phase of our relationship together, just the two of us. We came to understand and appreciate in a meaningful way what each of us desire in the years to come. It really taught us how to work through our differences and communicate to each other: to be able to talk and to listen with respect. I highly recommend this cruise for understanding and respecting your spouse and growing deeper in your relationship.