Online Marriage Counseling

Effective help for your marriage, when and where it works best for you

You’ve thought about counseling, but don’t know who to call, where to go, or when you would find the time. 

Your marriage has hit a rough patch and it feels like your whole world is in jeopardy. The distance between you and your spouse is growing by the minute. 

What if you could start the process of healing your marriage and re-connecting with your spouse, all from the comfort of your own home? 

Good news. You can. We’re Christian therapists who help couples create thriving, passionate marriages through online marriage counseling.

Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling

Our online marriage counseling offers the proven effectiveness of traditional marriage counseling, delivered through a private, secure video call. With it you will:

1. Save Time and Energy

2. Avoid Commute and Hassle of Finding Parking

3. Eliminate Awkward Waiting Room Time

4. Meet with your Counselor from the Location of your Choice

How it Works

We have a direct, proven approach to improving your marital satisfaction. Where other online counseling businesses offer untested approaches and expansive teams of anonymous helpers, we have a team of hand-picked therapists who have chosen to specialize in helping couples rebuild, renew, and recover their marriages through proven, marriage-focused methods.

After starting with an assessment of how your marriage is doing and learning about your shared history, we follow a three-stage approach:

  1. Identify Relationship Cycles: We will uncover your unique relationship style, identify the underlying emotions and needs behind it, and validate those needs.
  2. Explore Emotions: We walk you through reconnecting with your own needs and coach you as you work towards promoting acceptance between yourselves to create emotional engagement.
  3. Create Connection: We will guide you towards independently creating new solutions to old problems and developing new ways of relating.

Effective Help For Your Marriage

Our marriage therapists have specialized training in Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy, one of just a handful of empirically-validated approaches to helping distressed marriages. We work with you from a Bible-based value system to help you:

  • Stop fighting and start understanding one another
  • Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Increase emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Solve problems that you have been stuck on "forever"
  • Connect deeply through affordable, weekly sessions that continue for months, not years

We Help Couples Through Many Issues

With decades of collective experience, there isn't much our team of qualified therapists have not seen. We also stay up-to-date on research and best practices through continuing education and ongoing research for our marriage podcast (currently over 1 million downloads!). 

Meet Your Therapists

Our team of professional Christian therapists come from Masters level Marriage & Family Therapy programs with training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  They are committed to helping you rebuild and recover your marriage, and promise to help you feel heard and acknowledged through our structured process, no matter the circumstances that bring you to therapy. Our goal is creating secure, lasting bonds by increasing closeness and connection.

Jesse Schellenberg, MAMFT, RCC

Jesse strives to create an open, trusting environment where individuals and couples can share and integrate their spiritual beliefs into their work together. He believes deeply in the value of each client and works with them to become the person they desire to be. Jesse holds a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as graduate degrees in Christian Studies and Theology.

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele, MAMFT, RCC, CSAT Candidate

Caleb is the Director of Only You Forever and co-hosts The Marriage Podcast for Smart People, which has more than 1 million downloads. He has been helping heal marriages for more than 10 years.

Mike Takkinen, MA, CPC, CSAT

Mike considers effective counseling to be the fruit of a relationship based on trust and collaborative problem solving. In addition to helping couples improve their marriage, he specializes in helping couples recover from the challenges of sex addiction. Mike holds a Masters of Arts in Christian Counselling.

With OnlyYouForever, you will:

· Reclaim the life you’ve built with the one you love
· Overcome distance and abandonment to re-discover intimacy and trust
· Help your marriage endure any hardship
· Create an intimate and honest marriage
· Build a marriage that’s unbreakable
· Enjoy your relationship and live your best life

Ready to Get Started?

Click the button below to schedule a free consultation. You’ll meet with one of our therapists for a 20-minute video call that will give you a chance to experience the online marriage counseling experience and give us the opportunity to get to know you a little better to ensure we're the right fit for you. You can come alone, or both you and your spouse can join the consultation —  whatever works best for you.

Online Counseling FAQ's

Does insurance cover online marriage counseling?

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What does it cost?

Is virtual marriage counseling for everyone?

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