The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples 2018

marriage cruise

Imagine 7 nights away with your spouse. A time of relaxation, exploring new places, having fun together, and strengthening your marriage. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

February 18 - 25, 2018

8 Days / 7 Romantic Nights aboard the Celebrity Silhouette

Fort Lauderdale | Key West | Costa Maya | Cozumel | George Town

What If You Could Change Your Marriage?

The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples is a retreat for married couples looking for relaxation, renewal, romance and life-long memories. The eight-day (seven nights) cruise sails from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Key West, Puerto Costa Maya, Cozumel and George Town, Grand Cayman. Hosted by Caleb & Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele, the marriage seminars feature inspiring, entertaining and educational messages that will transform your marriage. Think of it as similar to our Marriage Podcast for Smart People, but even more powerful and actionable. You can look forward to practical, refreshing and research-based content, great laughs with like-minded couples, and quality time with your spouse while sailing on the amazing Caribbean Sea. 

Enjoy a dip in the pool, relax with a couples' massage in the Spa, hit the gym, grab some soft serve ice cream or order room service and get intimate in your stateroom. Whatever you'd like to do as a couple, there is a good chance you'll be able to do it! Join us for an unforgettable week on the high seas as you relax, renew, rediscover, romance and remember.

Imagine how nice it would be to spend time away and not have to worry about the day-to-day challenges of life at home. While the crew is taking care of your needs, we'll help you give your marriage the care and attention it deserves.

It is truly an experience like no other. We invite you to join us on this inaugural Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples.

A Luxury Cruise Ship

Topped with a half-acre of soft grass, the Celebrity Silhouette is an iconic ship resplendent with a plethora of amenities. There is more space to relax on this ship and to socialize in the warm sea air. After a day of adventure unwind in your own cabana-styled haven at The Alcoves. Inside, embark on a culinary adventure at Qsine® where you order from an iPad® menu. 85% of the ship's luxurious staterooms are enhanced by sweeping veranda views. Celebrity has truly created an extraordinary vacation experience. Again.

Make the most of your time together and continue your health, fitness and wellness routine while on board. You're invited to indulge your mind, body and spirit in the state-of-the-art fitness facilities with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows. Experience the profound pleasures of the spectacular spa setting with luxurious services and enlightening presentations designed to restore your serenity and leave you feeling fantastic.

Your Hosts


Co-hosts of The Marriage Podcast for Smart People, Caleb & Verlynda are now bringing their extensive expertise to a cruise-based marriage retreat. 

A seasoned public speaker and marriage therapist, Caleb will be sharing his wisdom and experience together with his wife, Verlynda. You are sure to see your marriage grow, renew and flourish as you discover new, deeper ways to connect and strengthen your love for one another.

Also, since you're on the same cruise, you will have closer access to Caleb and Verlynda as they look forward to getting you know you better.

Transformational Retreat Topics

What if 2018 was the year your marriage turned a corner and became filled with joy, connection and satisfaction?

Research shows that marriage retreats of this length are most effective with about 12 hours of seminar time. We are planning the sessions so that we spend more time as a group on the two sea days and have shorter, morning sessions when the ship is in port so that you are free to enjoy excursions. You will also have marriage-enriching and enjoyable "homework" (don't worry, it will not feel like work!) exercises between sessions. As well, we have been very intentional about designing a retreat that is not just a flash in the pan experience, but truly creates a lasting, positive impact on your marriage. These 8 days are designed to change your life.

Topics are detailed below, but in each and every session you will:

  • Absorb digestible, practical, easy-to-follow marriage teaching that actually works
  • Hear about real-life challenges and have honest, open discussion with your spouse about issues we all face 
  • Take confidence in learning from research based, marriage saving wisdom from a seasoned therapist
  • Enjoy the kind, humorous banter between Caleb & Verlynda as you are inspired with positive, hopeful truths about marriage



Create marriage legacy

Legacy Building

Explore, enjoy and expand your sexual intimacy.

Listen, understand, connect. Hear and be heard. 

Let go of the past. Make sense of the present. Build something amazing for the future.

Retreat Session Details:

Welcome Reception

Session 1: Shortwave Radio Lessons

Session 2: Your Own Love Boat

Session 3: Sex Ed for Experienced Couples

Session 4: Your Safe Harbour

Session 5: Who’s The Captain, Anyways?

Session 6: Navigating Out of the Storm

Session 7: Sailing Off Into the Sunset

Session 8: Wrap-up -- Land Ahoy!

On-board Venue

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This Cruise Leaves in:


You've waited long enough to put your marriage first. Why not start today?  What could you accomplish in the lives of your children and grandchildren, in your community, or in your life if your marriage was a source of positivity and encouragement?

Your Marriage Investment

To participate in The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples you will need to:

  1. Book a stateroom (with Leah our independent travel agent, see below),  
  2. Register for the retreat (below), and
  3. Make travel arrangements to and from the cruise terminal (which you can also do with Leah)
The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples:
(All prices in US Dollars)

Retreat Registration: $500 per couple


A variety of rooms are available. Below are two options that were still available last time we checked. For up to date availability and pricing, please call Leah at 1-520-485-9646

Option 1: Veranda Stateroom

Cruise Fare: $1,299 per person, USD
Taxes, fees and port expenses: $132.58
Total Price: $1,431.58 per spouse

Option 2: Inside Stateroom

Cruise Fare: $869 per person, USD
Taxes, fees and port expenses: $132.58 per person
Total Price: $1,001.58 per spouse

Registration Process

Step #1

Book your cabin for the cruise with Leah (right).

To attend the retreat, you must book your stateroom through Leah as she holds the group information for our cruise. She can be reached at 1-520-485-9646 or [email protected].

Step #2

Register for The Marriage Cruise for Smart Couples.

Retreat admittance for the seminars is $500 per couple (US Dollars).

Pay for your registration by clicking the button on the right:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this just for couples with big problems?

No, quite the contrary. This is for couples who want to better adjust to common challenges and otherwise capitalize on their strengths to take their marriage to the next level. Couples who face severe challenges will benefit from this cruise if they have several counselling sessions under their belt before attending. There's still plenty of time to arrange those sessions with Caleb before the cruise leaves! 

2. Will we have to share about our relationship with other people?

Awkward! No, the seminars and work you will be doing in them is geared towards getting you and your spouse talking to each other, not to other people. We do not do any group therapy sessions or group exercises. All exercises are couple-based. 

However, as you mingle with other couples you may find that through casual conversation you have common struggles and will benefit from those interactions. Basically, you can be as private or open as you wish to be.

3. Are we going to have time just to ourselves?

Yes, and plenty of it! Before departing on the cruise, you will have the timing and location of all the seminars on board the ship. We actually asked our research assistant to review the psychological journals and come back to us with research on what makes for the most effective marriage retreats. We based our planning on that evidence-based data.

There are no group shore excursions but you are welcome to get together with other couples on those if you like. 

I do have one recommendation for you and your spouse: try at least one excursion that involves an element of risk. Something out of your comfort zone. Why? Because the research shows that taking risks together increases your attraction to one another! You'll get an adrenaline buzz and a romance boost as well!

4. Can we bring our children?

We recognize that time away from children can be a blessing to parents. However, we also understand this is not always possible! You may certainly choose to bring your family if you like.  Even better, bring grandparents to help out!

Our only stipulation for the retreat is that the seminar sessions themselves are for you and your spouse only.