Virtual Marriage Counselling

Virtual or online marriage counselling is the best choice if you want a direct, effective approach to improving your marital satisfaction.

3 Step Marriage Counselling Process

young couple happy after marriage counselling If your marriage is in distress, I use a proven three stage approach:

  1. Cycle De-escalation: assess and identify your relationship cycle and reveal the underlying emotions and needs.
  2. Bonding: assist each of you with reconnecting with your own needs and self and promoting acceptance between each other to create emotional engagement.
  3. Consolidation: guide you towards independently creating new solutions to old problems and developing new ways of relating.

I understand that is a fairly technical description! But I want you to know I follow a very strategic pathway that is designed to leave you relating to each other effectively, lovingly and with a true sense of togetherness and security.

My Counselling Style & Credentials

My style is to be very gentle and empathic when you describing painful moments. However, I also love to bring humor into the sessions and, when necessary, I will call you out if I sense it would be helpful to you.

I (Caleb) am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC (#4323) and have completed the Advanced Externship for Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy (overseen by ICEEFT). All that to say that I am trained in one of the few empirically validated approaches to marriage counselling!

Virtual Marriage Counselling

Virtual marriage counselling is convenient and effective I work primarily via Skype video counselling. You’ll need a quiet, private room with a decent Internet connection. For equipment, you’ll want to use a laptop with a webcam (or a tablet) with Skype installed.

Studies have shown virtual counselling to be as effective as in-person counselling. Additionally, you are able to get help from the convenience of your own home without the need to travel through the city, find parking, sit in a waiting room, etc.

Sessions are one hour long and I will schedule to meet with you weekly. A course of virtual marriage counselling using my approach typically lasts 4 to 6 months.

How Do I Start?

I’d love to have you pull your credit card out immediately, but honestly, if you’re not sure I’d encourage you to reach out and get in touch first. I am happy to do a quick phone consult with you just to answer any questions you may have. It also gives you the chance to make sure I’m the right guy to help you out.

Once you’re ready to go, the best way to proceed is to using my scheduling and payment system below. Make sure that after you click on a time you choose the “Recurring…” option and book 8 sessions. Don’t worry! You will only be charged one session at a time; however, this does ensure that we can continue to meet regularly. Sessions are USD $150 per hour.


Q: Is this counselling or coaching?

I am a counsellor based in Canada and offer virtual marriage counselling to all residents of Canada. Due to licensure restrictions in the USA and other parts of the world, I offer the same experience and expertise but sell my service as virtual marriage coaching. There is nothing underhanded about this; it’s just that it would cost thousands of dollars per year to license in every US state and most licensing bodies in this industry have not kept up with the advance of online technologies.

Q: Does insurance cover online marriage counselling?

No, it does not. Sorry!

Q: Is virtual marriage counselling for everyone?

No, my approach is contraindicated (not recommended) for situations where abuse and/or domestic violence is part of the marriage. If you find yourself in this situation, please get in touch and I will be happy to help you find other resources that you can begin working with.

Q: Do you do other kinds of counselling?

Yes. My specialty is marriage counselling but I am also able to help with other family and personal issues. I am also quite experienced with pornography addiction recovery.

Q: What if I can’t afford marriage therapy?

Good question. You may be able to find a local counselling agency that offers a sliding scale based on your income level. Also, I have heard from many couples that our podcast has helped them tremendously, so I’d encourage you to subscribe to that. I’d also recommend that you sign up for our emails so that we can keep in touch. Perhaps your financial position may change in the future and make counselling possible then.