OnlyYouForever Marriage Podcast: How to Subscribe, Review & Share

We produce this podcast out of a sincere desire to help educate, empower and mobilize married couples to grow by offering impactful, creative wisdom.

You can help us to grow by subscribing to the podcast, leaving us a review on iTunes and sharing it with others who you know would be helped by it.

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The Marriage Podcast for Smart People
The Marriage Podcast for Smart People
Caleb & Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele

Build a Marriage You’ll Love Today and Treasure for a Lifetime

And here’s a few more options as well:

Rate and Review the OnlyYouForever Marriage Podcast

Rating and reviewing our podcast on iTunes makes our podcast more visible and prominent in iTunes, helping us to reach a much wider audience. To rate and review our podcast, follow these simple steps or view the video below:

  1. Open our podcast in iTunes.
  2. Click the Ratings and Reviews button/tab.
  3. Click the small Write a Review button.
  4. Give your review a brief Title.
  5. Click on the stars beside Click to Rate.
  6. Fill in the Review box.
  7. Click Submit! Thank you for reviewing our podcast, we appreciate it very much!

Share the OnlyYouForever Podcast With Others

The best way to do this is to use iTunes built-in sharing capabilities:

  1. Open our marriage podcast in iTunes.
  2. Click the small down arrow beside the Subscribe button.
  3. Choose one of the sharing options to let your friends know you’ve enjoyed our podcast!

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