Helping you bridge the distance in order to rebuild your marriage

Helping you bridge the distance in order to rebuild your marriage

Your marriage didn't always look like this. You didn’t always feel this lonely and unsure of what to do next. You’re scared of losing your spouse, but you don’t know how you can heal your marriage.

The good news: it doesn’t need to stay this way forever. 

There is hope. We’re here to help you revive your marriage and renew your commitment to one another. We’re Christian therapists who help couples create thriving, passionate marriages.

If you or your spouse have experienced:

· Infidelity or another form of betrayal
· Pornography and/or sex addiction
· Communication problems and ongoing conflict
· Conflicting values or priorities

If you and your spouse want to:

· Stop fighting and start understanding one another
· Increase communication and conflict resolution skills
· Improve emotional and sexual intimacy
· Solve problems that you have been stuck on "forever"

Here's what to do

1. Call our friendly, confidential receptionists.

Make the call today to find out how simple it is to get started with us. We'll help you find the right counselor on our team. You can attend alone or with your spouse, whichever works best for you.

2. Come to counseling with your spouse.

Attend weekly counseling sessions as long as you need (typically 3-6 months). Your counselor will work with you to understand your story and your cycle. Then, you’ll go through three phases: deescalating, bonding, and consolidation.

3. Implement the skills you've learned to improve your marriage.

After you’ve completed counseling, continue to utilize these skills to grow deeper in your relationship. You’ll have the resources you need to address future conflicts on your own, and if you need a checkup session in the future, we’re always here.

Why choose online counseling?

· Convenience - you save time & energy
· No commute
· No awkward waiting room
· Secure, private, encrypted video link

Our Promise

We promise to help you feel heard and acknowledged through our structured process, no matter what brings you to therapy.

Our process is also finite: we believe that successful marriage counseling creates couples who know how to handle whatever life throws at them in the future.


Our marriage counselors are carefully selected and hired from masters level Marriage & Family Therapy programs with up to date training in specific marriage therapies that work. All of our therapists are experienced professionals, licensed with their professional college or registering body, and up to date on current best practices in helping recover, rebuild, and renew your marriage.

With OnlyYouForever, you will:

  • Reclaim the life you’ve built with the one you love
  • Overcome distance and abandonment to find intimacy and trust once again
  • Help your marriage endure any hardship
  • Overcome obstacles to create an enduring, intimate, and honest marriage
  • Help your marriage last forever, even after the unthinkable
  • Create a marriage that’s unbreakable, even after the unthinkable
  • Rebuild your relationship to live your best life

Ready to rebuild your marriage?

Let's get started.