You just discovered your husband's pornography addiction; or perhaps you found out about the other woman. Or women. Or perhaps you are a husband whose wife has been unfaithful.

The image that you had of your spouse has been shattered. You are not sure who you can trust, perhaps not even sure if you can trust yourself any more.

There is hope. Whether you are the betrayed spouse or the betraying spouse, or even if you want to work together, we can help. Certain members of our team of therapists specialize in helping couples and individuals recover from betrayal and heal their hearts and restore their marriages. Based on your needs we will connect you to the therapist(s) who are best able to assist you.

Whatever the Hurt...

We can help. We have the experience, training and expertise to help you recover from a variety of forms of betrayal:

  • Infidelity: affairs, unfaithfulness, adultery, emotional affairs and being cheated on
  • Pornography and/or sex addiction
  • Financial betrayal
  • Hidden addictions
  • Long-kept secrets that have recently surfaced

Help for the Betrayed

Our licensed counselors have decades of collective experience in helping others recover from betrayal. We'll help you pick up the pieces of your shattered marriage, create safety and stability for yourself, and then walk with you through the decision of whether to recover your marriage or not. We work with you from a Bible-based value system to help you:

  • Understand the nature and extent of the betrayal 
  • Process the grief, confusion and feelings of broken trust
  • Figure out how to survive the first 90 days and beyond
  • Set boundaries and get the honest details you need
  • Establish emotional safety and begin to heal

Help for the Betrayer

 We treat betraying spouses with kindness and unconditional positive regard. We'll still be straight with you but we'll help you figure out what happened, why, and what you need to do in order to present yourself as a safe person to your betrayed spouse. We haven't met a betraying spouse who is proud of what they've done yet, so we're here to help, not add to the guilt and shame. You'll learn how to:

  • Make sense of the affair/betrayal and why it happened
  • Get past your own defensiveness and minimization
  • Acknowledge your spouse's grief without becoming overwhelmed
  • Re-establish trust with your spouse over time
  • Resolve underlying issues so you're not likely to repeat the betrayal

How Online Infidelity Counseling Works

Online infidelity counseling is the best choice if you want a direct, effective approach to working through the hurt and betrayal in order to heal your marriage. We don't just help you "get past this": we help you to understand what happened, make sense of how you got there as a couple, and we help you restructure your marriage so that you can co-create a new way of relating that is resistant to infidelity and resilient to other challenges. Not to be cheesy, but it is like a make-over for your marriage. And all from the convenience of your home.

In fact, online counseling for infidelity and betrayal offers a number of advantages over driving every week to a counseling office:

Save Time and Energy

No Commute or Need to Find Parking

No Awkward Waiting Room

Secure, Private Video Link

Who Are We?

We are  a close-knit team of up-to-date, professional Christian therapists committed to helping you rebuild and recover your marriage. We promise to help you feel heard and acknowledged through our structured process, no matter the distress that brings you to therapy. Creating secure, lasting bonds by increasing security, closeness and connection is our goal.

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How Do You Get Started?

The best way to get started is through a quick, 20 minute video call. It'll give you a chance to experience the online video counseling experience and will give us the opportunity to get to know you a little better and ensure we're the right fit for you. You'll speak with our Clinical Director, Caleb Simonyi-Gindele. You can come alone or both you and your spouse can join the consultation: whatever works best for you.

What Does it Cost?

Counseling sessions are about one hour in length and cost $150 (plus tax, where applicable). If you prefer, you can expedite the process through 90 minute sessions ($225 + tax).

Counseling is a significant investment, but the best way to think about it is to remember that on average a person loses 77% of their net worth when they divorce. Not only that, but a divorce is not just an easy fire exit from pain: it is in itself an incredibly painful, heart-rending event. We'd like to help you avoid that and so we recommend you take a close look at how you may be able to reorganize your family budget for a few months in order to make room for weekly counseling sessions. This is the kind of thing that is even worth putting long-term savings on hold for.

Who Will My Counselor Be?

Our infidelity counselors are very carefully selected therapists: they all have training in empirically validated approaches to helping marriages recover from infidelity. Many of our clients come to us after unsuccessful engagements with other therapists, and we have found our strict hiring criteria provides an ideal combination of training and experience. 

If you would like to choose one of our counselors specifically, you may do so. Otherwise, we'll make a professional assessment of your situation and recommend the Associate who is best suited to helping you. If you have certain preferences (e.g., for a female therapist or someone with a particular specialty) we are almost always able to accommodate these requests and also get you started in therapy promptly. 

All of our therapists are trained professionals, licensed with their professional college or registering body, and up to date on current best practices in helping recover, rebuild and renew your marriage!


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