Our Fees

Simple and transparent: counseling with us is straightforward and uncomplicated.

One-hour sessions are our most popular and we charge $160 per session with our Associate Therapists. Most of our team members also offer 90 minute sessions for $240. 

Sales tax is not included.

We accept all major credit cards, including many HSA and FSA cards. Your card is securely vaulted in our PCI-compliant system and will be charged after the session is ended.

Fees are subject to change over time, but we provide existing clients with plenty of fair warning of any upcoming changes.

Can't Afford a Counselor?

Try working with an Intern! An Intern is someone who has completed nearly all of their Masters-level coursework, but is fulfilling their clinical hours required in order to qualify for graduation and licensing. They are always working under a supervisor who meets with them between sessions, so you get the wisdom of a seasoned supervisor overseeing their work as well as the skill and energy of a freshly-minted therapist. The Intern also presents cases at our weekly team meeting to receive feedback and support from our very experienced team.

A one-hour session with an Intern is only $50 (sales tax is not included). We have an Intern starting with us on March 1st, 2023. Availability is limited but if you would like to meet our intern and get on her waitlist, please use this button:

Insurance Coverage

We are an out of network provider and are not covered by most insurers. There are some exceptions for Canadian residents, but is up to you to contact your insurance provider and confirm that our clinician will be covered by their policy.

We are happy to provide you with statements for out of network reimbursement or for flexible spending accounts (FSA). Some HSA cards will work if your plan covers the 7277 Merchant Category Code although we find these cards to be a little bit unpredictable!

What You Should Know About Insurance
  • Typically, marriage counseling is not covered by insurance because it is not deemed to be medically necessary. Since our couples sessions do not focus on a mental health diagnosis, claims are not accepted.
  • Even for individual issues or where we work with one partner in a situation like betrayal trauma, pornography or sex addiction, or other significant life issues, often because these significant problems don't align with a specific mental health diagnosis, coverage is not available anyways.
  • Insurance companies focus on profit, not people: they, not you, decide how many sessions are appropriate for your treatment. Claims made can limit future insurance coverage or even inhibit certain employment opportunities.
  • Private information, even under the new privacy and health policies, is shared with insurance companies.

While it is certainly helpful to have a few sessions covered by insurance, the highly specialized areas we work in are not compatible with the medical insurance model, so our practice is private pay only.