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Why a Fair Division of Labor is Important in Marriage

Well, this should be a fun subject! There are a lot of factors that go into how household chores gets divided up between husband and wife, and today we want to give you guidance as to how to do that without creating any unnecessary conflict or resentment. Continue reading

A Marriage Survival Guide for Parents with Toddlers

Maybe today find yourself in that crazy busy time of life: raising toddlers. It’s that endless flow of diapers, trying to get kids to sleep properly, picky eating, piles of laundry, their boundless energy and so on and so forth. The question is: how do you even begin to create time and energy for your marriage in this stage of life? Continue reading

Why Every Couple Needs to Pray Together

So for a long time I thought praying together was just a nice thing to do. It was one of those optional, lets-do-this-if-we-remember kind of things. But with time, my perspective on this has shifted. A lot.

Regular readers of the blog will know that we offer sound, research-based advice, as well as speaking from a Christian worldview. Even today when we’re looking at the effect of prayer on your marriage we’re referring to what we can learn from Scripture and from secular research, because we believe that God also reveals truth in creation.

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The Impact of Trauma on Marital Sexuality

Did you know that 89% of veterans experiencing PTSD report one or more kinds of sexual dysfunction? And that survivors of childhood sexual abuse have a very common set of negative feelings and beliefs about sex? That’s the bad news.

The good news: your marriage can become a place to help heal trauma — even through what happens in your most intimate moments.

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Why You’re Using the Love Languages All Wrong

I was originally thinking of coming up with an inflammatory title for this post like “Chapman’s Love Languages Debunked” because that makes for good clickbait on the internet!

But this is The Marriage Podcast for Smart People and I figured, well, smart people are going to see that I’m just trying to create hype. And my mission is to help marriages, not create hype. So we’re actually going to look at research that examines the validity of the 5 Love Languages Concept and challenge you on how you might be using or abusing this concept in your marriage.

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Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

How would you react if you found out that your spouse was cheating on you? No doubt it would be a severe shock and you would find yourself filled with anger, surprise, sorrow and all kinds of other emotions. In fact research shows that the effect of discovering infidelity is so severe it can be likened to recovering from a life-threatening traumatic event.

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