Online Betrayal Counseling

Effective help to heal hearts and restore marriages when trust has been broken.

Your spouse is not who you thought they were. 

Maybe you just discovered your wife’s credit card debt. Or your husband’s gambling addiction. Or your spouse cheated on you and you just aren’t able to ‘get over it’. Perhaps you found out about long-kept secret, a secret addiction, or an investment gone wrong.

You’re not sure who you can trust, perhaps not even sure if you can trust yourself anymore. It feels like the world is crashing in around you and you aren’t even sure of who you are anymore.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage or sanity. You didn’t sign up for trauma, and it doesn’t have to be the new you. You can heal from it.

We will help you recover from trauma, restore your trust and sense of identity, and reconnect with your spouse, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our team of Christian therapists help individuals and couples recover from devastating betrayal and restore their relationship through online betrayal counseling.

We help people through many types of betrayal

We have the experience, training and expertise to help you recover from a wide range of betrayals and consequences thereof:

  • Financial betrayal (gambling, credit card debt, bad investments, loan defaults)
  • Hidden addictions
  • Long-kept secrets that have recently surfaced
  • Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Benefits of Online Betrayal Counseling

Our online betrayal counseling offers the proven effectiveness of traditional 1:1 counseling, delivered through a private, secure video call. With it you will:

1. Save Time and Energy

2. Avoid Commute and Hassle of Finding Parking

3. Eliminate Awkward Waiting Room Time

4. Meet with your Counselor from the Location of your Choice

How it Works

We have a direct, proven approach to working through hurt and betrayal. Where other online counseling businesses offer untested approaches and expansive teams of anonymous helpers, we have a team of hand-picked therapists who have chosen to specialize in helping traumatized spouses rebuild, renew, and restore trust through proven, marriage-focused methods. 

We don't just help you “get past this.” We help you to understand the trauma and its side effects, make sense of how you got there as a couple, and restructure your life so you can create a new way of relating that is resistant to future challenges.

Help for the Betrayed

Our licensed counselors have decades of collective experience in helping others recover from betrayal. We'll help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life, create safety and stability for yourself, heal from the traumatic impact of betrayal, and walk with you through the decision of whether to recover your marriage or not. We work with you from a Bible-based value system to help you:

  • Understand the nature and extent of the betrayal
  • Process the grief, confusion, and feelings of broken trust
  • Figure out how to survive the first 90 days and beyond
  • Set boundaries and get the honest details you need
  • Establish emotional safety and begin to heal

Help for the Betrayer

We treat betraying spouses with kindness and respect. We'll still be straight with you, but we'll help you figure out what happened, why, and what you need to do in order to restore yourself as a safe person to your betrayed spouse. You'll learn how to:

  • Make sense of your betrayal and why it happened

  • Get past your own defensiveness and minimization

  • Acknowledge your spouse’s grief without becoming overwhelmed

  • Re-establish trust with your spouse over time

  • Resolve underlying issues so you're not likely to repeat the betrayal

Meet Your Counselors

Our team of professional Christian therapists come from Masters level Marriage & Family Therapy programs with training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  They are committed to helping you rebuild and recover your marriage, and promise to help you feel heard and acknowledged through our structured process, no matter the circumstances that bring you to therapy. They all have training in empirically validated approaches to helping marriages recover from infidelity. Our goal is creating secure, lasting bonds by increasing closeness and connection.

Jesse Schellenberg, MAMFT, RCC

Jesse strives to create an open, trusting environment where individuals and couples can share and integrate their spiritual beliefs into their work together. He believes deeply in the value of each client and works with them to become the person they desire to be. Jesse holds a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as graduate degrees in Christian Studies and Theology.

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele, MAMFT, RCC, CSAT Candidate

Caleb is the Director of Only You Forever and co-hosts The Marriage Podcast for Smart People, which has more than 1 million downloads. He has been helping heal marriages for more than 10 years.

Mike Takkinen, MA, CPC, CSAT

Mike considers effective counseling to be the fruit of a relationship based on trust and collaborative problem solving. In addition to helping couples improve their marriage, he specializes in helping couples recover from the challenges of sex addiction. Mike holds a Masters of Arts in Christian Counselling.

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Trauma doesn't have to be the new you. You CAN heal from it.

Online Counseling FAQ's

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