Betrayal Devotionals

Step-by-step guides to help you restore, rebuild, and recover your relationship after an affair.

Though life may feel hopeless and overwhelming right now, this doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage. This doesn’t have to be your new reality. You can heal from this betrayal. 

Whether you are the one who cheated or the one who was cheated on, our 30-Day Betrayal Recovery Devotional guides will help you restore trust, rebuild intimacy, and recover hope.


Your marriage vows have been broken, and you’re not sure who you can trust. Your spouse cheated on you and you just aren’t able to “get over it.” You’re not sure if you ever will or if you even want to forgive them. It feels like the world is crashing in around you and you aren’t even sure of who you are anymore.

Help for the Betrayed

Our 30-Day Devotional Guide will help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life, create safety and stability for yourself, heal from the traumatic impact of cheating, and walk with you through the decision of whether to recover your marriage or not. The guide uses a Bible-based value system to help you:

  • Understand the nature and extent of the betrayal
  • Understand the nature and extent of the betrayal
  • Process the grief, confusion, and feelings of broken trust
  • Figure out how to survive the first 90 days and beyond
  • Set boundaries and get the honest details you need
  • Establish emotional safety and begin to heal


You broke your marriage vows and you have been unfaithful. You’re racked with guilt, trying to navigate life with a spouse who doesn’t trust you anymore. You aren’t sure who to turn to, or if your marriage will ever recover. It feels like you are walking on eggshells and you don’t even know how to begin making things right. 

Help for the Betrayer

Our Betrayal Devotional Guides treat cheating spouses with kindness and respect, walking you through figuring out what happened, why you cheated, and what you need to do in order to restore yourself as a safe person to your betrayed spouse. You'll learn how to:

  • Make sense of your betrayal and why it happened
  • Get past your own defensiveness and minimization
  • Acknowledge your spouse’s grief without becoming overwhelmed
  • Re-establish trust with your spouse over time
  • Resolve underlying issues so you're not likely to repeat the betrayal

Cheating is traumatic

The Betrayal Devotional Guides can help if:

  • You’re feeling lost and broken
  • You can’t trust your spouse, or yourself anymore
  • You don’t feel comfortable in your own home
  • You feel hopeless and sad about the future
  • You’re grieving the life and marriage you built
  • You feel like you don’t know who your spouse is anymore 

How it works

Created for couples recovering from the devastation of an affair, the Betrayal Recovery Devotionals are designed to gently lead you through the process of recovering and rebuilding your marriage.

Based on clinical research and experience, this devotional incorporates Scripture readings, reflection, prayer, and self-discovery to help you move towards healing and hope. 

Benefits of Betrayal Recovery Devotionals

Our 30-Day Betrayal Devotional Guides will help you draw closer to God with your spouse through 30 days of devotion focused on trust, intimacy, and hope. With it you will:

  • Find the root cause of why the affair happened
  • Process the grief and trauma of betrayal as a couple
  • Have practical steps to work toward rebuilding trust
  • Learn how to forgive and reconcile
  • Move toward affair-proofing your marriage

The 30-Day Betrayal Devotionals

For the Betrayer

Day 1: Transparency Leads to Intimacy
Day 2: Hiding Doesn't Help
Day 3: Acknowledging Her Feelings
Day 4: A Communications Exercise
Day 5: Filling in the Blanks
Day 6: Grieving
Day 7: Honesty with Yourself
Day 8: Honesty with Your Spouse
Day 9: Demonstrating Accountability
Day 10: Shame
Day 11: Affair Profiles

Day 12: Ownership Leads to Forgiveness
Day 13: An Affair is More Than Just an Affair
Day 14: Looking into Your Marriage
Day 15: Collusion
Day 16: Why the Affair Happened
Day 17: Was it Really Just a Symptom?
Day 18: Taking Responsibility
Day 19: Breaking Up Old Pathways
Day 20: There Are No Quick Fixes

Day 21: Hurdles to Reconciliation
Day 22: Softness
Day 23: Don't Return Blame for Blame
Day 24: Recall the Hurt
Day 25: Seeing Yourself Through Her Eyes
Day 26: Leaning on Divine Forgiveness
Day 27: Forgiveness is a Journey
Day 28: Extending the Olive Branch
Day 29: Resilience
Day 30: Renewed Love

For the Betrayed

Day 1: The Endless Search for Facts
Day 2: What You Need to Know
Day 3: What are You Feeling?
Day 4: What Do You Need?
Day 5: Links to Past Betrayal
Day 6: Grieving
Day 7: Can I Even Trust Myself?
Day 8: Can I Even Trust My Spouse?
Day 9: What You Can and Can't Control
Day 10: Trauma

Day 11: Is It Your Fault?
Day 12: Ownership Leads to Safety
Day 13: Controlling Him Won't Prevent Another Affair
Day 14: Looking into Your Marriage
Day 15: Collusion
Day 16: Why the Affair Happened
Day 17: Was it Really Just a Symptom?
Day 18: Sharing Responsibility
Day 19: Comparison and Competition
Day 20: Be Patient

Day 21: Do I Want to Reconcile?
Day 22: Softness
Day 23: Forgiveness Preparation
Day 24: Recall the Hurt
Day 25: Empathy for the Betrayer
Day 26: Gratitude for Divine Forgiveness
Day 27: Commit to Forgive
Day 28: When is Forgiveness Complete?
Day 29: Safety
Day 30: Renewed Love

Meet the Author

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele, MAMFT, RCC, CSAT

Clinical Director

Caleb co-hosts The Marriage Podcast for Smart People with his wife Verlynda. He is also a Registered Clinical Counselor and Co-founder of OnlyYouForever. He lives in rural Saskatchewan, Canada with his wife and three daughters.

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