Only You Forever Lyrics

The Song That Started It All…

Long road trips can be a pretty monotonous experience. What better way to pass the miles than to write the lyrics for a love song?

In 2012, we were clipping our way across Montana towards a family holiday in Yellowstone National Park and Caleb decided to write a song for Verlynda.

Now, I’m not a song writer. Nor do I remember any of the music I learned in elementary school. But we picked the tune of Phillips, Craig and Dean for Stuart Townend’s famous hymn, “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”.

Only You Forever Lyrics

When I first laid my eyes on you
I knew my search was over
My heart began to beat anew:
It’s only you forever.
And though as one we’d not become
Your honor was my treasure
My promise in your diamond:
It’s only you for ever.

I saw you walking down the aisle
My tears were flowing freely
My vows to you eternal
Our covenants spoken sweetly.
And as we joined as one that day
A bond that naught could sever
I gave my rights to self away:
It’s only you for ever.

Now as the years have come and gone
The strokes of time have painted
The colors we ourselves have found
The palette, hearts united.
My eyes no other will admire
My heart will wander never
There’s only one deep burning fire:
It’s only you forever.

It’s true what God has spoken
With Him and you and I
A three fold cord unbroken
Is heav’ns seal from on high.
More sacred truth has ne’er been given:
Christ loved and gave himself for her.
And to this end my heart is driven
To die for you for ever.

It’s only you for ever……

by Caleb Simonyi-Gindele

August, 2012