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If you’re worried about your marriage, you’re on the right page: conflict, boredom, betrayal, distance and fear of being alone are some of the things all of my clients experience.

The good news: there is hope for your marriage.

I’ve got two proven options for you below. Here’s how to choose the right one:

  • If you’re either in crisis or you’re just plain worried about your marriage: book a 90 minute consultation with me.
  • If you’re not in major crisis but you really need help with communication, choose the Talk To Me 101 eCourse.
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Option 1: 90 Minute Consultation

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Option 2: Talk To Me 101

This is the best course you can choose to work on your communications as a couple. I created this course after hearing from scores of couples that they all face the same problem: communication. Learn more at:
Go to Talk To Me 101

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