A Ritual of Emotional Connection

This is a quick episode again as we are still vacationing in South Dakota!

Dr. John Gottman, a leading researcher in the field of marriage therapy, encourages couples to establish what he calls, “rituals of emotional connection.”

There are hundreds of possibilities, but in this episode we share with you a quick one that we practice nearly every day. We use it in that busy time between getting home from work and eating our evening meal together.

What is 5-for-5?

It’s simple, and it’s geared typically towards husbands who come home to their wives after work in the evening. It could be tailored to fit your circumstances if they are different.

What I do is spend five minutes, right after I get home, within five feet of Verlynda. That’s 5-for-5: five minutes within five feet. I put my iPhone down and just spend the time finding out about her day, and talking to her about mine.

Now, life is never so simple that eight or ten hours can be summarized in five minutes, but it’s a quick summary. More importantly, it’s a quick way to reconnect and fortify that healthy sense of togetherness.

HT to Michael Hyatt for this tip!

Give it a Shot

And let us know how it goes.

Or, maybe you’ve developed some quick-and-easy ways of connecting. We’d love to share those with other members of the OYF clan so please feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter or shoot us a note.

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We hope you’re having a great summer too!

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