Top 10 Marriage Podcast Episodes of 2015

Happy New Year! It’s always great to look back on the year and see what the top episodes were for our marriage podcast.

2015 has been a great year for The Marriage Podcast for Smart People (iTunes link)!

We passed 100,000 downloads on iTunes which is an incredible milestone made possible only by you, our faithful listeners. We’ve enjoyed interacting with many of you and hearing your stories of recovery and hope for your marriages. For all of this we are truly thankful.

As we approach our 100th episode (to published in March, 2016) and the last few days of 2015 I though it would be great to look at the top 10 episodes of 2015.

Coming up with a top 10 is not as simple as it may sound. We have ranking factors for our posts (traffic, comments, shares, pingbacks, trackbacks), our podcast episodes (# of downloads) and Google searches to look at as well!

Nevertheless, I did sift through the data and weigh up the different factors to come up with this list. Enjoy!

Top 10 Marriage Podcast Episodes for OnlyYouForever – 2015

  1. OYF057: How to Have Your First (or, Best!) Orgasm
  2. OYF054: 10 Simple But Powerful Ways to Court Your Spouse in Everyday Moments
  3. OYF055: How to Disagree Without Sinking Your Love Boat
  4. OYF074: The Three Best Ways to Ruin Your Husband’s Day (alright, this one has me worried!)
  5. OYF008: Eyes Open Sex — Fully Engaged Intimacy
  6. OYF058: Couples That Play Together Stay Together
  7. OYF066: Marla Cilley Interview: The FlyLady Helped Our Home and Will Help Yours Too!
  8. OYF068: 50 Romantic Text Messages to Send Your Spouse
  9. OYF082: Commitment vs. Abandonment – Heart of Marriage Series (1 of 5)
  10. OYF078: How To Rebuild Your Marriage After An Affair
  • December 29, 2015
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