The Origins of OnlyYouForever:

Only You Forever is actually a love song… written by Caleb for Verlynda.

It was written on a highway in Montana while we drove into the sunset (insert “happy memories” sigh here) on the way to a family vacation in Yellowstone. We’ve posted a full copy of the Only You Forever lyrics written by Caleb.

The Goal of OnlyYouForever

Our taglines state that our purpose is “to build thriving, passionate marriages”.  Just because you married the perfect someone doesn’t guarantee marital bliss! Marriage is something that needs to be worked on whether you’ve had a great marriage so far or have hit a really hard place or are somewhere in between there.

OnlyYouForever will give you the tools to rock your marriage and make it awesome!

As your hosts, we are committed to delivering “no fluff” content. We are intentional, focused, and cut to the point. We won’t waste your time with long, blathering episodes!

Also, no part of marriage is too sacred or taboo to be discussed. But we want to talk about the part of marriage that matters to you.  Share your burning questions and curiosities about marriage by using our Speakpipe service or our Questions form.

Your Hosts

Caleb has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He’s got a lovely bald head which his wife and daughters love!

Verlynda has a heart for others which is huge.  She is definitely the extrovert in the marriage, and Caleb appreciates her for her practicality and insight.

As an aside, we shared a chuckle over a comment in a great book. The book deals with, amidst other things, the subject of birth order. It’s called Family Ties That Bind by Richardson.

This book quotes, regarding the youngest daughter in a family (which Verlynda is), that “her poorest choice of husband is usually the youngest brother of brothers [which Caleb is]…neither of them want to be responsible for running a household or parenting”.

While this book has a lot of great information, we are glad to be at least one exception to this rule!

The Content of the OnlyYouForever Podcast

We will base the show on a blend of ancient wisdom and current research. Caleb is an avid researcher and wants to include a lot of that hard work that has been done in the field of couple dynamics.  Our faith is also important to us so we will speak out of a Christian, Biblically-informed worldview.

So, that’s how OnlyYouForever got started, what we hope to accomplish and little about ourselves! We’re so happy that you’ve visited our website and we hope that you’ll subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on our latest episodes.

Remember, your real-life marriage questions are important! Others will be blessed when you send them in and they hear them answered on our podcast. You can send in your marriage questions using our Speakpipe service or our Q&A form.

Image courtesy of jakeandlindsay under the Creative Commons license.

  • May 15, 2014

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