Marriage can seem pretty complicated.

There are scores of websites, hundreds of books and thousands of research articles.

And yet folks — perhaps even yourselves – are still struggling.

Sticky Notes Are Simple

Sometimes it’s nice just to back off from all that complexity. Think simple thoughts. Do simple things that make a difference.

In this week’s shorter summer episode (still on holidays – yay!) we take a break from our usual research-based programming to remind you that simple still works.

In this case, following the theme of using romantic text messages from our previous post, we want you to think about how you can use sticky notes to spice up your marriage.

Sticky Notes = Happiness

The thought behind this strategy is to engage in small activities that are easy to do but build fondness and admiration into your marriage.

You need lots of that. According to Dr. John Gottman we need 5 positive moments for every negative moment in our marriage

Sticky notes are an easy way to do that. You can court your spouse with them. You can add some fun to your marriage with them. And you can use them as little sparks to light the fire in your marriage.

Generally, life is fairly stressful. You’re likely facing a lot of challenges. But these little moments of positivity create buffers against stress and its impact on your marriage.

Romantic Sticky Notes

We want you to be intentional about this. Sticky notes are inexpensive but they can add a lot of value to your marriage!

You can use them to surprise your spouse. You can use them to remind your spouse. You can stick them anywhere. Try:

  1. A lunch bag
  2. In his or her vehicle
  3. On the mirror in the washroom
  4. In the kitchen sink
  5. In a purse or briefcase
  6. Under the pillow
  7. In the underwear drawer
  8. Out in the workshop

Wondering what to write on them? Well, you don’t have a lot of space so it has got to be meaningful and pithy. How about:

  • Bible verses
  • Words of affirmation and praise
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • 30 things you love about her (one per note; number them 1/30, 2/30 etc. and hide them all over)
  • Encouragement
  • “I love you!”
  • Suggestive comments. Just because you got married doesn’t mean you need to stop flirting with your spouse!
  • Coupons (“This sticky note is good for one 15 minute massage” is a good start!)

Give it a shot. Let us know how it goes!