Another quick summer episode here as we take a break from our usual programming.

And, contrary to what you might assume from the title, we’re not going to ask you to do anything illegal!

A Graffiti Tag for Your Marriage

Our graffiti tag is simple. It just looks like C+V.

But we have fun putting it in different places.

We finger-paint it onto dirty windows, in frosty windows, even under our first Ikea kitchen table. Hey, I even emblazoned it on our lawn with herbicide!

We don’t spray it on railcars or carve it into picnic tables at the park. It’s really just for us.

Why Have a Graffiti Tag?

This isn’t just a random idea.

I think every couple should have something like this that tells you who you are. To us, this is a symbol of commitment, togetherness, and love. It is a symbol of the bond we cherish.

So we stick it different places. Surprise each other with it. It’s a reminder of our commitment to one another.

If you think it’s cheesy – that’s fine. But I want to challenge you to think about what you do to remind yourself and your spouse about the bond between you.

The wedding rings you wear are great but you get used to them and kinda forget about them, right? So whether you choose to have a graffiti tag or some other symbol between you, choose something that will serve as a reminder down through the years of that bond that you cherish.

For us, it’s a touchstone. Lots of things change through the years but C+V is always there.

How about for you?