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household division of labor

Why a Fair Division of Labor is Important in Marriage

Well, this should be a fun subject! There are a lot of factors that go into how household chores get divided up between husband and wife, and today we want to give you guidance as to how to do that without creating any unnecessary conflict or resentment. Continue reading

Marla Cilley interview

Marla Cilley Interview: The FlyLady Helped Our Home and Will Help Yours Too!

Have you ever been in that place? You know, you come home from work… the house is a mess… you don’t want to be there… you’re yelling at the kids… you’re yelling at your spouse because your environment is a mess but it’s like your inside is a mess and your emotions are a mess too. Nobody likes to live like that.

Not only that – it’s not good for you either. That’s why we interviewed Marla Cilley, a housekeeping guru commonly known as FlyLady, for some tips on how to get out of this chaos.

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housework division in marriage

Housework: Who Does the Cleaning Up in Your Marriage?

We’ve noticed that a lot of marriages take a very traditional approach where all the work HE does is money-earning, and all the work SHE does in unpaid – and usually unacknowledged.

So we ask, is this a good thing, or is it a problem?

What happens for those wives who take on more and more, and might even do all the housework AND are employed full time?

How does that work?

If you are a wife that is struggling because you are overloaded with employment and housework – or a husband in the same situation – what is reasonable? What should your expectations be? How can you work together to create a fair housework division in marriage?

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