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Things To Think About Before You Start Making Babies

So the transition from just the two of you into a family is a big one! I know when we were wondering about starting a family it was really challenging to try to think through all the things one should be aware of. Well, we want to take away some of the mystery today and help you make an informed, prepared decision so that you can move into this new phase of marriage with greater confidence and awareness of what lays ahead.

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Why a Child Centred Family is Bad for Everyone

Is it better to put more energy into your marriage, or should raising your kids properly be your first concern? If you think pouring your everything into your little munchkins is the best way to do things, then this episode may be a bit of an eye-opener for you. We’re going to unpack the relationship between happy marriages and happy parenting and happy kids. And it may not be what you expect to hear.

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A Marriage Survival Guide for Parents with Toddlers

Maybe today find yourself in that crazy busy time of life: raising toddlers. It’s that endless flow of diapers, trying to get kids to sleep properly, picky eating, piles of laundry, their boundless energy and so on and so forth. The question is: how do you even begin to create time and energy for your marriage in this stage of life? Continue reading

Marriage After Your First Child

I read a comic strip once about pregnancy and childbirth that had the title “Help, my entertainment center is now a juice bar!”

While it struck my funny bone, there is so much truth in that statement.

We may think that adding our first born to the family will be all hunky-dory, fun and games, but the reality is it usually results in a DECREASE in marital quality. Navigating the relationship issues that transpire following the birth of a child can be tough!

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Does Homeschooling Wreck Marriages?

Does homeschooling actually wreck marriages? Absolutely! But no more than sending your kids to public school…

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we need to realize the impact on our marriage, and compensate accordingly. The fact is homeschooling presents different challenges than public schooling, or even having both parents work outside the home. Each scenario has its own challenges!

So, while homeschooling is great, it’s good to be specifically aware of a few things with regards to your marriage.

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When Did You Divorce Your Husband and Marry the Kids?

In our Internet world of picture-perfect mommy bloggers, Facebook updates about how cute our toddler’s latest saying was, and family-fun photos on Instagram, there’s a lot of pressure to be the perfect mom. But: what if all the mommy-glamour could become the ruin of your marriage? Today’s episode is about prioritizing marriage over parenting.

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