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making time with your spouse

Making Time For Your Spouse: 2 Strategies That Actually Work

Why does it seem to be so difficult to create time to spend together? We all want to spend more time with our spouse and do more together, but so often it doesn’t fit into the schedule and we don’t quite get around to doing it.

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couples who play together stay together

Couples That Play Together Stay Together

Life is busy. So busy. But so often we let other people and other things run our schedules and in the process of allowing this to happen: what really matters to us gets bumped. Like time with our spouse…Date nights…Fun nights…Just time to hang out. What can we do to change that?

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court your wife

10 Simple But Powerful Ways to Court Your Spouse In Everyday Moments

Today we want to give you 10 simple but powerful ways to court your spouse in everyday moments. This isn’t going to be about going out for dinner or going to a movie – not that kind of courting. We’re talking about ways of being together. It’s deeper but still very concrete.

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The Top 5 Marriage Challenges Facing Our Audience

I love that feeling of relief and gratitude that comes when I realize that I’m not the only person struggling with something! You’ve been there too, right?

Verlynda and I ran a survey of our OYF Clan (email list and people that follow us on social media) in the third week of August, 2014 and received over 50 response. We were touched by the sincerity and the openness of many and, as promised, are now giving you a summary of what we learned.

To those who shared with us in the survey: thank you! We appreciate your input and honour you for your openness and sincerity.

Here’s our marriage challenge countdown:

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