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dealing with betrayal

How To Work With Your Spouse’s Betrayal Trauma Part 2

So you’ve taken the initial steps towards helping your spouse heal from your betrayal. You admitted your guilt. You demonstrated your remorse. You showed your willingness to make it right. And your spouse sees and understands this. 

But you still find yourselves caught in a cycle where you go back to the same thing over and over again.

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childhood trauma impacts marriage

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the Impact on Marriage

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study was a huge research study conducted in the USA that has traced the impact of very difficult childhood experiences into adulthood. For those who have faced these challenges, we want to explore what the potential impacts are in marriage and how to best respond so that you can create or keep a happy, content marriage.

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recovery from betrayal in marriage

Working Through Betrayal Trauma

Discovering that your spouse has had an affair or has in some way been sexually unfaithful is often an extremely traumatic event. You’ll feel like the boundaries of your marriage have been violated, your trust in your spouse has been destroyed, and even your own identity has been shaken. Continue reading

signs of sexual abuse

What To Do When Your Spouse Has Been Sexually Abused

There’s no doubt in 2018 that sexual abuse is a real issue and also one that is not uncommon. 16% of men and 25% of women have experienced some form of sexual abuse[i]. While a lot of the focus in recent months has been on bringing perpetrators to justice, what about the impact of sexual abuse on married life? Not only that, but how can you facilitate the healing and wholeness of your spouse if he or she has been sexually abused?

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impact of trauma on sexuality

The Impact of Trauma on Marital Sexuality

Did you know that 89% of veterans experiencing PTSD report one or more kinds of sexual dysfunction? And that survivors of childhood sexual abuse have a very common set of negative feelings and beliefs about sex? That’s the bad news.

The good news: your marriage can become a place to help heal trauma — even through what happens in your most intimate moments.

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