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Is Trauma Impacting Your Marriage? 03/29/2017
The Best Sex Happens Inside Marriage 03/22/2017
Why You’re Using the Love Languages All Wrong 03/15/2017
Post Infidelity Stress Disorder 03/08/2017
When to Leave (or Stay In) an Abusive Marriage [3 of 3] 02/22/2017
Can Abusive Husbands Change? [2 of 3] 02/15/2017
Is My Husband Abusive? [1 of 3] 02/08/2017
Stop Bottling Up Stuff In Your Marriage 02/01/2017
Emotional Intimacy is the Key to Great Sex 01/25/2017
Overcoming Infidelity: 30 Days to Recovery 10/12/2016
Why You Can’t Trust Your Spouse 10/05/2016
What to Talk About on Your Next Date 09/28/2016
How to Appreciate Your Spouse 09/21/2016
Your Marriage Needs an Intimacy Checkup 09/14/2016
So You Stayed Married Just for the Kids’ Sake, Now What? 09/07/2016
I Want To Fix Our Marriage and He Doesn’t. Now What? 08/31/2016
My Spouse is Flaunting Him/Herself on Social Media 08/24/2016
Extreme Sex Drive and Infidelity From Testosterone Therapy? 08/17/2016
After Infidelity, How Do I Trust My Husband Again? 08/10/2016
If My Husband is a Sex Addict, Should I Divorce Him? 08/03/2016
My Husband’s Sexual History Is Affecting Our Intimacy 07/27/2016
My Wife Won’t Stop the Affair. How Do I Save My Marriage? 07/20/2016
How Can I Help My Wife Be More Trusting? 07/13/2016
Hectic Life + Happily Married: Is It Possible? 07/06/2016
If Your Spouse Is Too Jealous 06/29/2016
In A Sexless Marriage? 06/22/2016
Is My Marriage Beyond Recovery? 06/15/2016
Why You’re Not Getting Enough Sex and What To Do About It 06/08/2016
10 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Time For Each Other in a Crazy Busy Marriage 06/01/2016
How to Create More Intimacy in Your Marriage 05/25/2016
Codependency in Marriage: What It Is and What To Do About It 05/18/2016
What To Do When Your Spouse Offends You 05/11/2016
3 Things To Talk About Every Day 05/04/2016
How to Recover From Betrayal 04/27/2016
Fight The Problem – Not Each Other! 04/20/2016
3 Essential Principles for Successful In-Law Relationships 04/13/2016
Always Fighting About the Kids? 04/06/2016
100 Episodes of The Marriage Podcast for Smart People! 03/30/2016
Making Time For Your Spouse: 2 Strategies That Actually Work 03/23/2016
Phone Addiction is the New Alcoholism 03/16/2016
Do Opposites Attract? Here’s the Research 03/09/2016
Why Christian Couples Feel Guilty About Sex 03/02/2016
Power Struggles in Marriage: Your Styles May Be the Problem 02/24/2016
The One Thing Every Distressed Marriage is Doing Wrong 02/17/2016
Sex Drive – Differences Can Be a Problem 02/10/2016
What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To Work On The Marriage 02/03/2016
How To Support Your Spouse During Hard Times 01/27/2016
Social Media is Destroying Your Marriage 01/20/2016
How to Ramp Up Positivity in Your Marriage 01/13/2016
How Body Image Issues Can Ruin Your Sex Life – Part 2 01/07/2016
How Body Image Issues Can Ruin Your Sex Life – Part 1 01/05/2016
Self-Care Is Marriage Care 12/16/2015
Respect vs. Contempt – Heart of Marriage Series (5 of 5) 12/09/2015
Sacrifice vs. Entitlement – Heart of Marriage Series (4 of 5) 12/02/2015
Loneliness vs. Intimacy – Heart of Marriage Series (3 of 5) 11/25/2015
Acceptance VS Rejection – Heart of Marriage Series (2 of 5) 11/18/2015
Commitment vs. Abandonment – Heart of Marriage Series (1 of 5) 11/11/2015
Who Wears The Pants In Your Marriage? 11/04/2015
Husband Doesn’t Help With The Kids? It Could Be Your Fault! 10/28/2015
How To Help Your Spouse’s Anxiety 10/21/2015
How To Rebuild Your Marriage After An Affair 10/14/2015
Parenting For The Benefit Of Your Marriage 10/07/2015
Religiosity Won’t Help Your Marriage 09/30/2015
Talk About It Sooner Before It’s a Big Deal 09/23/2015
The Three Best Ways to Ruin Your Husband’s Day 09/16/2015
The Three Best Ways to Ruin Your Wife’s Day 09/09/2015
Don’t Take Your Marriage For Granted: 5 Strategies to Keep Things Fresh 09/02/2015
Back to School! What About Your Marriage? 08/26/2015
Every Couple Needs a Graffiti Tag 08/19/2015
Sticky Notes Are The Best Love Notes 08/12/2015
50 Romantic Text Messages to Send to Your Spouse 08/05/2015
How To Create and Deliver a Legendary Wedding Speech 07/29/2015
Marla Cilley Interview: The FlyLady Helped Our Home and Will Help Yours Too! 07/22/2015
How to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage 07/15/2015
Healthy Marriage Without Good Role Models 07/08/2015
How to Reduce Debt: Part 5 07/01/2015
Budgeting for the Big Stuff (Part 4 of 4) 06/24/2015
How To Create Your Family Budget (Part 3 of 4) 06/17/2015
How To Negotiate A Budget (Part 2 of 4) 06/10/2015
Why You Need To Budget (Part 1 of 4) 06/03/2015
Couples That Play Together Stay Together 05/27/2015
How to Have Your First (or, Best!) Orgasm 05/20/2015
Housework: Who Does the Cleaning Up in Your Marriage? 05/13/2015
How to Disagree Without Sinking Your Love Boat 05/06/2015
10 Simple But Powerful Ways to Court Your Spouse In Everyday Moments 04/29/2015
Four Reasons Why You Must Do Pre-Marital Coaching 04/21/2015
3 Ways To Support Your Spouse When You Disagree 04/15/2015
Marriage After Your First Child 04/08/2015
It’s Not Always My Fault! 04/01/2015
If I Need You, Does That Make Me Needy? 03/25/2015
10 Tips for Closer Connection 03/18/2015
Does Money Affect Your Marriage? 03/11/2015
Touch Her Heart Before You Touch Her Body 03/04/2015
Top 5 Predictors of Marital Success 02/25/2015
Let It Go or Confront It? 02/18/2015
Valentine’s Day. Love It or Hate It? 02/11/2015
Distraction is Killing Your Marriage 02/04/2015
Infidelity Starts Long Before The Affair 01/28/2015
Four Critical Habits to Deepen Your Love 01/21/2015
How Are You Enriching Your Marriage This Year? 01/14/2015
Sleep Your Way To A Better Marriage – Shawn Stevenson Interview 01/07/2015
Differences in Sexual Desire: A Checklist for Your Marriage 12/31/2014
How Jesus Almost Grew Up With A Single Mom 12/24/2014
How To Repair After A Fight 12/17/2014
Ground Rules For A Good Fight 12/10/2014
What Is Your Fighting Style? 12/03/2014
Why Fighting is Good For Your Marriage 11/26/2014
3 Ways To Make Your Marriage Happier Today! 11/19/2014
Womanspeak 11/12/2014
Two Tips To Manage Your Defensiveness 11/05/2014
Have You Tried The Miracle Question? 10/29/2014
If You Really Loved Me, You Would… 10/22/2014
Triangles — How Trigonometry Impacts Your Marriage! 10/15/2014
Does Homeschooling Wreck Marriages? 10/08/2014
Hug Your Way To A Better Marriage! 10/01/2014
Speaking Well Of Your Spouse Affects Your Health? 09/24/2014
Get Out! Real Ultimatums in Marriage! 09/17/2014
Interview with Tyler Ward 09/10/2014
3 Ways To Affair-Proof Your Marriage 09/03/2014
Three Tips For Rocking Your Vacation 08/27/2014
3 Types of Negativity That Will Ruin Your Marriage 08/20/2014
Why Comparison Makes You A Miserable Spouse 08/13/2014
How to Use Your Marriage for Stress Relief! 08/06/2014
Listen to Understand 07/30/2014
5-for-5! A Quick and Easy Way to Rock Your Marriage! 07/23/2014
Is It Ever OK to Say, “If you do XYZ, I’m gonna divorce you?” 07/16/2014
What’s the Point of Sex, Anyways? 07/09/2014
Stop Hiding From Your Spouse! Fears of Intimacy (Part 3 of 3) 07/02/2014
Stop Hiding From Your Spouse! Fears of Intimacy (Part 2 of 3) 06/25/2014
Stop Hiding From Your Spouse! Fears of Intimacy (Part 1 of 3) 06/18/2014
Eyes-Open Sex — Fully Engaged Intimacy 06/11/2014
Six Dynamics That Influence In-Law Relationships, Part 2 06/04/2014
Six Dynamics That Influence In-Law Relationships, Part 1 05/28/2014
The Strongest Predictor of Divorce Is… 05/21/2014
5 Reasons Why You Need to Tell Your Wife You Appreciate Her 05/19/2014
Why Receiving Influence is a Skill Every Husband Needs to Learn 05/18/2014
When Did You Divorce Your Husband and Marry the Kids? 05/15/2014
Introduction to the OnlyYouForever Podcast and Your Hosts, Caleb & Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele 05/15/2014