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social media destroys marriages

Social Media is Destroying Your Marriage

We had a couple of people reach out and mention how they got into emotional affairs on Facebook – and almost into physical affairs. They really freaked themselves out and it’s thrown a real wrench into their marriage but they’re working on things now. While we’re not anti-social media, it’s time to realize the huge impact it has on marriage.

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positivity in marriage

How to Ramp Up Positivity in Your Marriage

The difference between negativity and positivity in marriage is the difference between a marriage filled with nagging, complaining, and criticism versus a marriage that is filled with affirmation, gratitude, and positive emotions.

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romantic textes to send your wife

50 Romantic Text Messages to Send to Your Spouse

I think that one of the lamest things to do is to break up a relationship by text message.

Lame, lame, lame.

But you’re married now and looking for a way to keep the flame alive, right? So, today as part of our mini-series of short summer episodes we’re looking at a redemptive use of text messages: romancing your spouse!

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how to write a great wedding speech

How To Create and Deliver a Legendary Wedding Speech

Most wedding speeches are lame.

There, I said it. Somebody needed to.

We have a lot of listeners tuning into our podcast because they’re getting ready for marriage. If that is you, and if you are the groom, in particular, I would like you to heed the advice herein.

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support spouse when you disagree

3 Ways To Support Your Spouse When You Disagree

I know what you’re thinking.

Why on earth would I want to support my spouse when we’re fighting?

Well, because you want to stay married, that’s why. That’s the “brutally-loving” truth!

But, there’s more.

It makes fighting productive. Yes. That’s right. I mean it. It actually makes the conflict helpful for your marriage.

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